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Talking about Bangkok traffic is not much different to other big cities from around the world when it comes to the rush hour.

In the pass you can enjoy the Bangkok city with Thai unique transportation such as Tuk Tuk and colorful taxi with cheap fare. Recent year Bangkok transportation had come to change after the public transport such as BTS (sky train) or MRT (subway) were offer a convenient way for traveler to exploring out Bangkok with no worry of traffic jam.

The Inn Saladaeng, located in the heart of Bangkok. Traffic jam in such an area comes to concern in choosing of accommodation. But the location with a minute walk to BTS and MRT definite is a good start off to experience your Bangkok trip.

City Railway Link

Bangkok Railway link divided into 4 mains line

  1. Sukhumvit Line ( Light green)
  2. Silom Line ( Dark green)
  3. MRT subway ( Light Blue)
  4. Airport railways express ( Dark blue line link with BTS, Red line link with MRT)

Remarks: Each line of Bangkok railways links are operate separately by different company. In order to take each ride ticket need to buy separately.


Most of tourist attraction can be reaching by BTS.

Operate Hour: 06:00-24:00, average headway 3~6 Minutes.

BTS - Total of 2 Lines with only transfer point at SIAM station

Sukhumvit Line [Light Green] Station NO:N8~N1 + SIAM + E1~E14

Silom Line [Dark green] Station NO:W1 + SIAM + S1~S8)

Multi pass for visitor:

  1. One Day Pass- 130B (Top up are not available, no refund)
  2. 30 Day Pass -Pre purchase of Rabbit card cost at 200B.extra top up for 30 Day Pass.
MRT Subway

Most of attraction site are in a distance with MRT, but anyone who targeting Jatujak weekend market MRT is not bad choice after all.

Operate Hour: 06:00-24:00, average headway 4~5 Minutes.

MRT only have one line: Light Blue with total of 18 stations.

Airport Rail Link

In rush hour travel to the inner city airport rail link could be the one of the best choice to avoid the traffic jam for backpacker or who travel with small amount of luggage.

Operate Hour: 06:00-24:00

Airport rail link have in total of 3 lines (Actually same line but only different feature of access point to different part of Bangkok railway link line)

1. AS City Line (City line.Dark blue line)

With total of 7 stops, total time taking 30 minutes. Fare fee 15B~45B。You can determine you arrival to Makkasan station and transfer to MRT railway system ( Petchaburi Station)

Or you can determine you arrival to Phaya Thai station and transfer to BTS railway system ( Phaya Thai Station)

2. AS Makkasan Express Line (Makkasan Express line.Red line)

Express train connect airport to Makkasan station within 15 minutes.

Single trip fare fee 90B/Round trip fare fee 150B。

Transfer connectable to MRT subway ( Petchaburi Station)

3. AS Phaya Thai Express Line (Phaya Thai express line.Orange Line) :

Directly to Phaya Thai station,within 17 minutes.

Single trip fare fee 90B/Round trip fare fee 150B。

Transfer connectable to BTS sky train (Phaya Thai station).

The Inn saladaeng were located close to BTS, Sala Daeng Station( S2) and MRT, Silom Station within few minute walk.